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How To Add Search Box To Blogger Mobile Template

To add search box to your blogger mobile site first you have to change from Default Template to Custom Template

Blogger Mobile Custom Template

After changing it to Custom template follow the below steps to add search box to you mobile template.

Step 1 : Edit the Search Box gadget which you have added in the Layout section

Step 2 : Now search for widget id which is located at the end of address bar as shown below

Search Box Gadget ID

Step 3 : Note the Widget ID as shown in the above figure which is CustomSearch1

Step 4 : Now go to Template > Edit Html

Step 5 : Click on Jump to widget and click on the widget ID which is CustomSearch1 as shown below

Step 6 : Now search widget id CustomSearch1 using Cltr+F and add mobile='yes' beside locked='false' as shown in below figure

Step 7 : Click on save template and you are done. Open your blog by using this link to see your search box.


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