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Top 10 Sports With The Most Dangerous Jumps

Check out these sports, all involving death defying leaps into the unknown...

Sky Surfing

1. Sky Surfing
Imagine snowboarding without any snow or ground! Sky surfing is when a skydiver jumps out of a plane with a board attached to his feet and performs surfing style moves while falling, giving the illusion that he is surfing on air, However, it might look cool but it's a dangerous balancing act that can take years to learn.

Base Jumping

2. Base Jumping

Wingsuit Flying

3. Wingsuit Flying

Bungee Jumping

4. Bungee Jumping

5. Skydiving

6. Snowboarding

Stunt Biking

7. Stunt Biking


8. Skiing

BMX Biking

9. BMX Biking
With tight turns, big jumps and crowded tracks, BMX bikers need perfect balance and speed to avoid pile-ups, such as this one at the 2012 Olympic Games.

Another Thing - BMX stunt biking started in concrete reservoirs in California, where brave bikers used the curves and ramps to perform crazy moves


10. Skateboarding