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The Youngest Globetrotter - Gunner Garfors

Youngest Globetrotter Gunner Garfors

At 37, Gunnar Garfors from Norway is the youngest person in the world to have travelled to every single country on earth. And he did that without quitting his job, working on his laptop on the roads during his travel. He concluded his world tour at the island nation of Cape verde off the coast of West Africa in 2013. But he did't stop at this record. He has just visited 22 US states in 24 hours, which is another world record.

On his blog, Garfors has listed top 12 countries which everyone must visit. And his choices are

In Europe - Norway, Romania, Iceland
In South America - Uruguay
In Oceania - New Zealand, Kiribati
In North America - Dominica, Nicaragua
In Asia - Kyrgystan, Vietnam
In Africa - Sierra Leone, Madagascar