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August 6th History

August 6th History

1497 - Italian born English explorer John Cabot returns to London after discovering what he thinks is Asia but what is in fact Cape Breton Island off the coast of Canada.

1623 - Death of Anne Hathaway, William Shakespeare's wife.

1806 - Holy Roman Emperor Francis II abdicates.

1890 - The electric chair is used for the first time, to execute murderer William Kemmler in New York.

Enola Gay

1945 - At around 8.15 this morning an atomic bomb, dubbed "Little Boy", was released by B-29 of the US Air Force, the Enola Gay, above the central Japanese city of Hiroshima. Two thirds of the city has been destroyed and at least 1,40,000 people have been killed. Few people in the immediate vicinity of the epicenter are thought to have survived the blast. US President Harry Truman was made aware of the bomb's destructive capabilities three weeks ago. His decision to use it was made in the face of a terrible conundrum: how to end World War II. The Japanese military are committed to a fight to the death policy and it would take a further half million American lives to force them into surrender by conventional means

1962 - Jamaica becomes independent after being ruled by the British for 300 years.

1970 - Members of the anarchist group of "Yippies" gather in Disneyland where, cheering for Ho Chi Minh and Charles Manson, they raise the Viet Cong flag on Tom Sawyer's island.

1988 - The Russian ballerina Natalia Makarova dances with Kirov Ballet for the first time since she defeated 18 years previously and gains a 35 minute standing ovation for her performance as Odette in Swan Lake.

2003 -  Gene Robinson becomes the first openly gay bishop in the Anglican communion.