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How To Send Actual Size Image From iPad Mini To Gmail

By default iPad Mini sends the image in smaller sizes in KB. if you want to send the actual size image from iPad Mini photo album to Gmail then follow these simple steps

iPad Mini

Step 1 : Go to Photos and select the photo you want to send and click forward button which is on bottom left corner or top right corner.

Step 2 : Now choose the mail option to forward the photo to your Gmail.

Step 3 : Here you will get the default image size in KB which is small in size. You can see the size of image in Cc/Bcc column as shown

Step 4 : Now click on Images: 622 KB as shown in above photo and select the actual size as shown below

Step 5: Enter the subject an send the photo. That's it

In iPhone while sending the images you will get a pop up window to select the image size to send as shown in below image