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Avatar Worldwide Box Office Records

Avatar Box Office Records

US and Canada records
  • Highest grossing 3rd weekend
  • Highest grossing 4th weekend
  • Highest grossing 5th weekend
  • Highest grossing 6th weekend
  • Highest grossing 7th weekend
  • Biggest January weekend.
  • Highest grossing movie in US and Canada
  • Fastest to reach $600 million.
  • Main contributor to the biggest aggregated weekend of all time.
  • Highest opening weekend for an environmentalist film
  • Largest gross on New Year day
  • Highest-grossing CGI star movie
  • Highest-grossing paraplegic film
  • Highest-grossing environmentalist movie
  • Highest-grossing SCI-FI film
  • Highest grossing movie released in 2009
  • Highest PG-13 grossing movie of all time
  • Highest-grossing Martin Luther King weekend
  • Most Oscar Nominations of 2010 (9, tied with The Hurt Locker)

Worldwide records
  • Avatar became the highest-grossing movie in history on January 25 after only 41 days of play
  • The film was No. 1 in all of the 106 markets it opened the week of December 20
  • It was No. 1 in every market worldwide in its second week of release.
  • It was the highest-grossing movie worldwide for 7 weeks in a row
  • It became the second-highest-grossing movie worldwide only 20 days after its initial release
  • Highest grossing movie of 2009
  • Fastest pirated movie in history
  • First 3-D movie to reach $1 billion worldwide
  • Reached $1 billion sales outside US and Canada in 28 days
  • First movie in history to reach $2 billion worldwide