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Top 10 Sports Stars In Movies

Dwayne Johnson Mysterious Island

1. Dwayne Johnson
Sport - Wrestling
Movie - Journey 2: The Mysterious Island

Dan Marino Ace Ventura

2. Dan Marino
Sport - American football
Movie - Ace Ventura: Pet Detective

3.Wayne Gretzky
Sport - Ice hockey
Movie - D2: The Mighty Ducks

4. Lennox Lewis
Sport - Boxing
Movie - Ocean's Eleven

Carl Weathers Rocky III

5. Carl Weathers
Sport - American football
Movie - Rocky III

6. Vinnie Jones
Sport - Soccer
Movie - X-Men: The Last Stand

Vinnie Jones been a soccer star, a big screen Hollywood hit and Vinnie Jones has even shone in a TV ad! The super - tough Jones starred in an infomercial to raise awareness of how to perform CPR to save heart attack victims.

Estella Warren Planet Of The Apes

7. Estella Warren
Sport - Synchronized swimming
Movie - Planet Of The Apes

David Prowse Star Wars Saga

8. David Prowse
Sport - Weightlifting
Movie - Star Wars Saga

Dennis Rodman Comebacks

9. Dennis Rodman
Sport - Basketball
Movie - The Comebacks

You may have heard of the Dennis Rodman because of his glittering basketball career, but did you know he also had a lot of success as a wrestler? Between 1997 and 2004. Rodman had battles with wrestling legends, such as "Macho Man" Randy Savage!

Michael Jordan Space Jam

10. Michael Jordan
Sport - Basketball
Movie - Space Jam