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Top 10 Secret Military Intelligence Projects

1. Area 51 - Alleged development of new technologies from alien craft

We wanted to show you a closer picture of this facility, but then again, it is highly classified! Here's a glimpse of Area 51 in Rachel, Neveda, USA. Signs that warn "Deadly force is authorized", mean you can be legally killed if you trespass!
Majestic 12
2. Majestic 12 - Alleged 1947 recovery of the crashed UFO in Roswell, New Mexico
Hughes Mining Barge
3. Hughes Mining Barge - CIA allegedly stole secrets from an enemy submarine
4.Operation Morning Light - Russian cleanup of crashed radioactive satellite
Project MKUltra
5. MKUltra - Controversial CIA experience on humans for mind control
Project Sign
6. Project Sign - Official 1948 investigation into UFOs by US Air Force
Project Grudge
7. Project Grudge - Continued 1949 UFO studies by US Military
Project Blue Book
8. Project Blue Book - Further US Air Force studies into UFO phenomena
Project Nutmeg
9. Project Nutmeg - Nuclear armament tests by US in Nevada desert
10 B-2 Stealth Bomber - Preciously classified aircraft project.