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Top 10 Movie Villains

Loki Avengers

1. Loki
Movie - The Avengers/Thor

Joker Dark Knight

2. The Joker
Movie - The Dark Knight

Voldemort Harry Potter

3. Voldemort
Movie - The Harry Potter movies

Darth Vader Star Wars saga

4. Darth Vader
Movie - The Star Wars saga

Did you know that the creepy voice of Darth Vader did not belong to the actor who played him? British actor David Prowse played Lord Vader for episodes IV, V, and VI of the Star Was saga, but American actor James Earl Jones provided the deep voice later.

Megatron Transformers

5. Megatron
Movie - Transformers movies

Whiplash Iron Man 2

6. Whiplash
Movie - Iron Man 2

Bane Dark Knight Rises

7. Bane
Movie - The Dark Knight Rises

8. Venom
Movie - Spider Man 3

Colonel Quaritch Avatar

9. Colonel Quaritch
Movie - Avatar

The T-800 Terminator Salvation

10. The T-800
Movie - Terminator Salvation