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Top 10 Most Evolved Science Fiction Characters

Here are the awesomely evolved movie characters we love the most...

Mystique X-Men

1. Mystique
Movie - The X-Men Movies
Special Qualities - Can shape shift into anything

Mystique is one of our favorite comic book characters, and she's played brilliantly by Rebecca Romijn and Jennifer Lawrence in the X-Men films. She is the most evolved as she is a shapeshifter: taking on the appearance and voice of anyone! Not only that, she has kick ass agility and fighting skills, She's on lethal lady....

Mogwai Gremlins

2. Mogwai
Movie - Gremlins 1 & 2
Special Qualities - Furball eggs change to reptilian beasts

Wolverine X-Men

3. Wolverine
Movie - The X-Men movies
Special Qualities - Super fast healer and razor claws

Triffid Day Of The Triffids

4. Triffid
Movie - The Day Of The Triffids
Special Qualities - Intelligent, walking, attacking plant

Crusoe Water Horse

5. Crusoe
Movie - The Water Horse
Special Qualities - Mystical plesiosaur type monster

Sleestak Land Of The Lost

6. Sleestak
Movie - Land Of The Lost
Special Qualities - Bug eyed, intelligent lizard men

Dark Phoenix X-Men Last Stand

7. Dark Phoenix
Movie - X-Men: The Last Stand
Special Qualities - Jean Grey's unstoppable mutation

Howl Howls Moving Castle

8. Howl
Movie - Howl's Moving Castle
Special Qualities - Can turn into a dragon like creature

Balrog Lord Of The Rings

9. Balrog
Movie - The Lord Of The Rings
Special Qualities - Towering fire demon

Cat Bus My Neighbour Totoro

10. Catbus
Movie - My Neighbour Totoro
Special Qualities - A cat that is also a functioning bus