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Top 10 Most Damaging Kick Sports

Muay Thai

1. Muay Thai

This is Italy's Alan Saitta super-kicking Slovakia's Marcel Jager during their Muay Thai meet on May 28, 2011. There is no "one" set of rules, each country involved has a different approach to what id legal and allowed

Krav Maga

2. Krav Maga
Here is Krav Maga being taught. This form of combat is self defence system with the intention of bringing a fight to an end swiftly. With roots in street fighting founder Imi Lichtenfeld developed it by combining elements of his boxing and wrestling experience. Krav Maga is a deadly skill that is taught to the armed forces, and it is often used in movie fights.

Keysi Fighting Method

3. Keysi Fighting Method


4. Taekwondo

Kung Fu

5. Kung Fu

Tang Soo Do

6. Tang Soo Do

7. Savate


8. Kick-boxing

Taekkyeon Korean martial art

9. Taekkyeon


10. Karate