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How To Delete WordPress Site From My Sites

If you want to remove a WordPress site it will permanently removes the site and you will never be able to reuse the site. If you want to permanently delete your site then follow the simple steps below to delete the site you want.

Step 1 : Login to your WordPress account.

Step 2 : Select the site you want to delete from My Sites and go to Dashboard

Step 3 : In Dashboard go to Tools and click Delete Site

WordPress Delete Site

Step 4 : Now you have to choose the reason for deleting the site as shown 

WordPress Delete website

Step 5 : After selecting the option you can just click “Delete Now” button

Step 6 : After selecting Delete Now button a new pop up window will appear asking you once again for deleting the site as it is permanent action.

Step 7 : Now you will receive a email with a confirmation link. If you are sure to delete it permanently then click on the link

That's it, after clicking the link in the email the site will be removed permanently from WordPress database.