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August 12th History

1791 - African slaves in Santo Domingo, in the east of the island of Hispaniola, mount a violent revolt against plantation owners.

1848 - Death of George Stephenson, who invented the steam locomotive "Rocket"

1883 - The last of the quaggas dies in Amsterdam zoo.

1907 - Prince Borghese of Italy wins the Paris Peking motor race, having travelled 8,000 miles (12,874) in 62 days.

1955 - Death of German novelist Thomas Mann, whose books include Death in Venice and The Magic Mountain

1959 - Parents and children in Arkansas riot over racial segregation in schools.

1960 - communications satellite Echo is launched at Cape Canaveral

Ian Fleming

1964 - Ian Fleming, the man who created secret agent James Bond 007, dies of heart failure.

1964 - Great Train Robber Charlie Wilson escapes from jail.

1980 - The first giant panda born in captivity is delivered safely at a zoo in Mexico.

1983 - In Santiago, Chile, 17 people are killed in a demonstration against military dictator General Pinochet.

Russian nuclear submarine Kursk

2000 - Russian nuclear submarine Kursk sinks during training in the Barents Sea. After nine days of confusion and misinformation, an international rescue attempt to save the 118 crew is far too late.