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Top 10 Pack Hunters

Some of the planet's best hunters kill as a team. With these guys, there's a lot more than "double trouble" for their prey...

Army Ants

1. Army Ants
Group Size - 1,00,000+

Army Ants are the ultimate pack hunter. Their queen can lay up to 1,20,000 eggs, and an ant colony can feature a staggering Two Million adults! No wonder they are such busy creatures. That's a lot of mouths to feed....

Piranha Pack Hunters

2. Piranha
Group Size - 100+

Hyena Pack Hunters
3. Hyena 
Group Size - up to 100

These carnivores are very social, and it often sounds like they're laughing! Hyenas use wide range of different howls, cackles and calls to communicate and these often warn other pack members of nearby trouble.

Chimpanzee Pack Hunters

4. Chimpanzee
Group Size - 36

Dolphin Pack Hunters

5. Dolphin
Group Size - 15

Wolf Pack Hunters

6. Wolf
Group Size - 10

African Wild Dog Pack Hunters

7. African Wild Dog
Group Size - 10

Killer Whale Pack Hunters

8. Killer Whale
Group Size - 8

African Lion Pack Hunters

9. African Lion
Group Size - 6

Harris Hawk Pack Hunters

10. Harris Hawk
Group Size - 2-6