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Top 10 Night Hunters

The dead of night is a time when nocturnal predators thrive. We think these ones rule....

Vampire Bat
1. Vampire Bat - This bay survives on blood

These little suckers really ARE vampires! They are the only mammals that feed exclusively on blood. On the dining list are: large birds, cattle, horses, pigs, dogs and, yes humans. Garlic bread doesn't ward them off, either...
2. Anglerfish - Deep sea fish with a lure on its head

Sugar Glider
3. Sugar Glider - Australian possum that can glide

Gila Monster
4. Gila Monster - Big lizard with venomous saliva

5. Caiman - Related to crocs and alligators

Great Horned Owl

6. Great Horned Owl - Tufts of feathers that look like horns
Aye aye
7. Aye-aye - Lemur with big eyes and long fingers

8. Vinegarron - Resembles but is not a true scorpion

Tasmanian Devil
9. Tasmanian Devil - Meat eating marsupial

10 Zorilla (Striped Polecat) - Skunk like African mammal