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Top 10 Largest Earthquakes By Magnitude

1960 Valdivia earthquake

1960 Valdivia earthquake (9.5 Magnitude) - This is the most powerful earthquake ever recorded rating 9.5 on the moment magnitude scale. It occurred on 22 May 1960 in the afternoon for approximately 10 minutes. Valdivia earthquake also known as Great Chilean earthquake

1964 Alaska earthquake

1964 Alaska earthquake (9.2 Magnitude) - 1964 Alaska earthquake also known as Good Friday earthquake and Great Alaskan earthquake which occurred on Good Friday, March 27.The earthquake was for four minutes and it is the most powerful recorded earthquake in USA and North American history

2004 Indian Ocean earthquake

2004 Indian Ocean earthquake (9.1 Magnitude) - More than 2,30,000 people has died due to this powerful earthquake resulting  tsunami in the Indian Ocean which has effected 14 countries.

2011 Tohoku earthquake

2011 Tohoku earthquake (9.0 Magnitude) - This undersea megathrust earthquake occurred on Friday 11 March 2011. The earthquake is also called as Great East Japan earthquake.

1952 Kamchatka earthquakes (9.0 Magnitude) - The earthquake occurred on November 4, 1952 resulting large tsunami which has caused destruction and loss of life around the Kamchatka peninsula and the Kuril Island

1868 Arica earthquake

1868 Arica earthquake (9.0 Magnitude) - This earthquake occurred on 13 August 1868, near Arica, then part of Peru, now part of Chile.

1700 Cascadia earthquake

1700 Cascadia earthquake (8.7–9.2 Magnitude) - This earthquake occurred along the Cascadia subduction zone on January 26 with an estimated moment magnitude of 8.7–9.2

869 Sanriku earthquake

869 Sanriku earthquake (8.9 Magnitude ) - 869 Sanriku earthquake and associated tsunami struck the area around Sendai in the northern part of Honshu on 9 July 869

1611 Sanriku earthquake (8.9 Magnitude ) - The 1611 Sanriku earthquake occurred on December 2, 1611 with an epicenter off the Sanriku coast in Iwate Prefecture.

1762 Arakan earthquake

1762 Arakan earthquake (8.8 Magnitude) - The 1762 Arakan earthquake occurred at about 17:00 local time on 2 April, with an epicentre somewhere on the coast from Chittagong (modern Bangladesh) to Arakan in modern Burma.