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How To Play Favorite YouTube Videos Like Jukebox

Queque and save a list of your favorite YouTube videos. They’re easy to share with friends, too

Step 1: Open the YouTube app and sign into your Google Account.

YouTube app

Step 2:  Search for a video you want to save by typing in the search icon at the top.

Youtube search icon

Step 3: Then, tap the menu icon on the video ( the three bars in the top right corner of the video result ) and tap “Add to…”
YouTube Menu Icon

Step 4: Tap “Favorites.” Or, to create a new playlist, tap “+ new playlist…”
YouTube Favorites

Step 5 : To play all the videos you have added to your playlist, touch the menu icon (the three bars in the top left corner)
YouTube Menu Icon

Step 6 : Then, tap the playlist you would like to watch. That’s it! Just tap the play button, kick back and watch all the videos you’ve added.