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How Is Electricity Generated By Using A Dam

Dam walls are mostly made of a material called concrete. These dams retain a large amount of water. The retained water puts very high pressure on the lowermost layers of water. If the water in these lowermost layers is diverted, it flows at very high speed, and hence a high energy is produced with the help of a device called turbine. 

The more the amount of water present above the extraction point, the higher the pressure with which water flows through the turbine

In the turbine, the energy is used to generate electricity. The type of energy we can reuse since it is unlimited in nature is called renewable energy, such as the energy from the sun, wind, and water. Hydropower is currently the only renewable energy that is used to a large extent. In Austria, approximately half of the electricity is generated by the hydropower, while in Norway all the electricity is generated by hydropower.