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Top 10 Biggest Stone Monoliths

Monoliths are colossal stones that have been discovered during archaeological digs. Here are the biggest quarried and moved stones...

Thunder Stone
1. Thunder Stone
Location - Saint Petersbur (Russia)
Weight (T) - 1,250

Thunder Stone is the largest stone ever moved by man. This stone was large and heavy originally weighed about 1500 tonnes and later it was carved down to 1250 during transportation to its current site. It was effectively moved 6 km (4 mi) overland to the Gulf of Finland by manpower, rollers, and capstans, then transported by barge up the Neva River to St. Petersburg.

2. Stonehenge
Location - Wiltshire (UK)
Weight (T) - 1,200+

Stonehenge is one of the most famous sites in the world. It is a prehistoric monument located in Wiltshire, England.

3. Ramesseum
Location - Thebes (Egypt)
Weight (T) - 1,000

The Ramesseum is the memorial temple of Pharaoh Ramesses II located in the Theban necropolis in Upper Egypt, across the River Nile from the modern city of Luxor.


4. Trilithon
Location - Baalbek (Lebanon)
Weight (T) - 800

Trilithon horizontally lying giant stone located at Baalbek, Lebanon is one of the largest ancient monoliths and even of the whole of history.

Colossi Of Memnon Egypt

5. Colossi Of Memnon
Location - Thebes (Egypt)
Weight (T) - 700

The Colossi of Memnon are two massive stone statues of Pharaoh Amenhotep III. For the past 3400 years (since 1350 BC) they have stood in the Theban necropolis, across the River Nile from the modern city of Luxor.

Alexander Column Russia

6. Alexander Column
Location - St Petersburg (Russia)
Weight (T) - 600

The Alexander Column is the focal point of Palace Square in Saint Petersburg, Russia. The monument was erected after the Russian victory in the war with Napoleon's France. 

Western Stone Jewish Holy Temple

7. Western Stone, Jewish Holy Temple
Location - Jerusalem (Israel)
Weight (T) - 560

The Western Wall, Wailing Wall or Kotel is located in the Old City of Jerusalem. 

King Ezanas Stele Obelisk of Axum

8. Great Stele, King Ezana's Stele, Obelisk of Axum
Location - Axum (Ethiopia)
Weight (T) - 520

King Ezana's Stela is the central obelisk still standing in the Northern Stelae Park in the ancient city of Axum in modern-day Ethiopia. 


9. Gomateshwara
Location - Karnataka State (India)
Weight (T) - 400

Bahubali also called Gommateshwara is a monolithic statue of Bahubali referred to as "Gommateshvara" built by the Ganga dynasty minister and commander Chamundaraya is a 57 feet (17 m) monolith and is situated above a hill in Shravanabelagola, in the Hassan district of Karnataka state, India.

10. Khafre's Pyramid
Location - Giza (Egypt)
Weight (T) - 400

The Pyramid of Khafre, also known as the Pyramid of Chephren,is the second-tallest and second-largest of the Ancient Egyptian Pyramids of Giza and the tomb of the Fourth-Dynasty pharaoh Khafre (Chefren), who ruled from c. 2558 to 2532 BC.