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April 18th History

Shah Jahan Mumtaz Mahal

1612 - Mughal ruler Shah Jahan marries Mumtaz Mahal, who becomes his third and most adored wife.

Paul Revere

1775 - Paul Revere rides from Charleston to Lexington to warn US militiamen of the British advance.

1791 - William Wilberforce's parliamentary campaign to abolish the slave trade meets defeat in the House of Commons.

1934 - The first laundrette is opened, in Fort Worth, Texas.

1942 - US Bomber aircraft attack Tokyo in the Doolittle Raids.

1949 - The Republic of Ireland Act comes into operation.

1954 - President Neguib of Egypt resigns, leaving the government of the country to be carried on by a council of ministers.

Albert Einstein

Einstein Dies (1955) - Albert Einstein died in his sleep at Princeton Hospital, aged 75. Regarded as one of the most creative intellects in human history, Einstein made his greatest contributions to scientific theory before the age of 50. he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1921, for his photoelectric law and his work in the field of theoretical physics.

1968 - An American tycoon buys London Bridge for £1 million , confusing it with Tower Bridge.