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How To Solve Redirect Loop Error For Hostgator WordPress Admin Login

You can give an extra password protection to your Hostgator WordPress admin login by using cPanel Security option Password Protect Directories.

Hostgator WordPress Admin Login Protection

Steps To Give Password Protection

Step 1 : Once you click Password Protect Directories under Security options you have to choose website to give extra password protection.

Step 2 : Click on wp-admin to give password protection to admin login.

Step 3: Select Password protect this directory box and give a name for the directory.

Step 4: Create a user name and password for admin login and click on Add/modify authorized user button as shown

That's it now you will get a pop up window asking your username and password for your admin login when you open your website as

Solution For Redirect Loop Error

After activating password protection for your admin login some of them face Redirect Loop error or saying the page isn't redirecting properly. If you see such error then place this simple code on top of your .htaccess file.

ErrorDocument 401 default

Add the above line in your .htaccess file on top and save the file. This will solve your redirection problem


  1. This article helped me a great deal for I have been using the webhost for two years now.


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