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Differences Between Arctic And Antarctic Regions

Arctic And Antarctic Regions
Pic Credits - NASA

The main difference between Arctic and Antarctic regions are Arctic is located at North Pole and Antarctic located at South Pole. Both these regions are cold and are covered with ice. But there is big difference between the two. let us see some differences between Arctic and Antarctic regions

1. There is a sea water below the ice cap in Arctic region and there is rocky mainland below the ice cap in Antarctic region.
Polar Bears Penguins

2. Penguins live in Antarctic region and Polar Bears in Arctic region. You can't find Penguins in Arctic region.

3. Antarctic is much colder then Arctic. The average temperature in Antarctic is -49˚ Celsius where as Arctic region is -34˚ Celsius and goes up in summer. According to the reports given by NASA the Arctic ice is melting faster than compare to Antarctic ice. In summer about half of the Arctic ice melts which you can't find this in Antarctic.