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Anushka Sharma Ready To Do TV Shows

Anushka Sharma is currently busy in promoting her upcoming film NH10. In the above picture you can see her performing on the set of crime based show Savdhaan India. NH10 is thriller film directed by Navdeep Singh. After the TV show Savdhaan India shoot the media asked Anushka about her plans to enter into small screen. She said to media that “No, actually I haven’t thought about it. But, I always be open for every kind of creative opportunity that might come my way. So, in near future if a show that has a good story comes my way , so I would be open for sure.”

Anushka Sharma NH10

NH10 is story of story of a young couple whose road trip goes awry after an encounter with a group of violent criminals.The movie is scheduled for release on 6 March 2015.