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How To Add Hostgator Name Servers In GoDaddy

Hostgator Name Servers In GoDaddy

Here you will learn how to add Hostgator name servers for a new domain in Godaddy account.

Step 1 : First login to your Hostgator account and copy name servers under Account Information on left bottom of your cpanel.

Hostgator Name Servers

Step 2 : Now login to your GoDaddy account and go to Domain section. Under My Domains choose the domain you want to add name servers and click on Launch button

GoDaddy Domain Settings

Step 3 : Under Domain Settings click on Manage button in the Nameservers Section.

GoDaddy Name Servers

Step 4: In a new window  select the radio button for Custom and click on Add Nameservers button

Godaddy Nameservers

Step 5 : Enter the Hostgator name servers and click on Ok and then click on Save button

Thats it you are done adding Hostgator name servers in Godaddy account.