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How To Install Wordpress For A Root Domain In Hostgator

Installing WordPress HostGator

To install Wordpress for a root domain or Addon domain in Hostgator you have to use QuickInstall option. To do this first login to your hostgator account and then under Software/Services section click on QuickInstall icon.

Wordpress QuickInstall Hostgator

2. Now in a new window click on Wordpress under Blog Software section

Wordpress Installation Hostgator
3. Click on Continue

Wordpress Hostgator QuickInstall
4. Here you have to fill up the details. To install Wordpress on main domain you have to leave blank as shown

Wordpress Installation New Domain

Leaving it blank Wordpress will install on the root domain. Enter the Admin Email, Blog Title, Username, first and last name as shown above. Now click Install Now button

After Wordpress installation has finished you will see a "Congratulations!" message like the one below

 with a link to click here. Click that link, and it will bring you to your newly installed WordPress site.

Your admin password will be sent to your email address as you provided in step 4. Copy your password and then visit the URL to which you installed WordPress, adding /wp-admin as shown above