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Send Encrypted Emails Using Secure Gmail

Now it is easy to send password protected email using Secure Gmail Chrome Extension Application. To send encrypted email using Secure Gmail follow the steps below

Step 1 : First you have to install Secure Gmail Extension on Chrome.

Step 2 : After installing just login to your gmail account and you will find a lock symbol beside Compose button as shown in below image.

Password Encrypted Emails Using Gmail

Step 3 : Now click on the lock symbol beside Compose button a new window will open through which you can send secured email. 
Secured Email Using Gmail

Step 4 : Fill up the details to whom you want to send and click on Send Encrypted button as shown in above image.

Step 5 : After clicking on Send Encrypted button a new window will open asking you to enter Encryption Password and Password Hint. Just give the details as shown below and click on Encrypt & Send button

Password Encrypted Email
Thats it your password encrypted email has been sent. Now for Decrypting Your Email follow the steps below

Step 6 : To decrypt the encrypted email the receiver should install the Secure Gmail extension on Chrome.

Step 7  : After installing go to your gmail and open the encrypted message. You will find the message  as shown in below image

Decrypt message with password

Step 8 : Click on the Decrypt message with password link a new window will open. Now enter the Decryption Password and click Decrypt button to read the message

Decrypt Message Gmail

After giving the correct password you message will be displayed as shown below

Encrypted Emails Using Secure Gmail

Hope you will use this excellent Chrome Extension tool to send secure Emails