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How To Make Image Slideshow With Background Music

Its easy to make image slideshow with background music using Windows Movie Maker. Follow the steps given below

Step 1: Collect the images in one Folder.

Step 2: Go to Start > Programs and then select  Windows Movie Maker.

Step 3: Now click on Import pictures on top left side of  Windows Movie Maker.

Step 4: Select the photos where you have saved and click Import Button

Images will be shown in Windows Movie Maker as below

Step 4: Now drag photos one by one and place it on video timeline as shown below

Step 5: To add music select Import audio or music option on top left in Capture Video section

Step 6: Select the music you want to add it as background and click Import button. Now drag the music file to Audio/Music Timeline as shown below

Note : If your music file is more than 1 minute you have to adjust the size of music file by dragging as shown above.

Step 7: To save it  go to File Option and click Save Movie File. A new window will open as shown below

Step 8: Select My computer and click Next > Button. Enter a name for the video and select the folder where you want to place the file and click Next > Button.

Step 9: Select Best quality and click Next and then click Finish. Thats it your image slideshow with music is ready. Now you can post this video in Youtube to let people know about your video.