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Block IP Address Using Hostgator

Here you will learn how to block IP address using Hostgator Cpanel. If you feel the visitor is spamming your website or making unwanted clicks then you can block those visitors. You can block single visitor as well as multiple visitors also.

To block the visitor first you have to know the IP Address. Yo can get the IP address from Latest Visitors option. Sign-In to Hostgator account and go to Logs Section and click Latest Visitors

Hostgator Latest Visitors

Check the IP address who visits your site frequently and make unwanted clicks. Note the IP address in Notepad and get back to the Cpanel. Go to Security section and click on IP Deny Manager.

Hostgator IP Blocker

The screen something looks as shown below

Hostgator IP Deny Manager

Now enter the IP address in the given box and click Add button. Thats it the IP address given will be blocked viewing your website.

Example Of IP Addresses

Single IP Address  -

Multiple IP Addresses - 

If you can't find the exact IP address you are looking for then you can use other tools like StatCounter.
StatCounter is the best tool to get the IP addresses. You have to register with StatCounter and add tracking code to your website in order to know the IP address.