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301 Redirect Subdomain To Addon Domain

Here i want to show how to redirect your Subdomain to Addon Domain in Hostgator cPanel.

When you create a Addon domain to your main domain automatically your cPanel will create Subdomain  also. you can browse the content through Addon domain and Subdomain. Google will list both the domains in search with same content. But this is not good for SEO. To Avoid this you have to Permanent redirect your Subdomain to Addon Domain using HostGator Redirects.

For Example you created then your cPanel will create Subdomain as Addondomain.Maindomain.Com.

To redirect Subdomain Addondomain.Maindomain.Com to Addondomain.Com first sign-in to your  Hostgator cPanel, under Domains section select Redirects

HostGator Redirects

Now select the type of redirect option in redirects section as Permanent 301. Then choose the domain you want to redirect and leave blank in the right column as shown below

301 Permanent Redirect
Select Wild Card Redirect option and  then click add button. Thats it now each and every single page of your Subdomain will redirect to Addon Domain.