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Tiny Affordable Laser Engraver - DAJA DJ6

Ready to laser engrave just about anything? Meet the DJ6. It's a laser engraver for virtually any surface. The DJ6 has an open frame design, so objects of nearly any size can be engraved.  There's a corresponding app for designing whatever you want to be engraved. The DJ6 also has a handful of safety features like motion detection that will stop engraving if there are any accidental motions. So you can engrave away without any worries! If you are looking for unlimited creativity then you should go and take control of new DJ6 DAJA laser engraver. It's powerful affordable and easy to use.  3W power allows you to quickly carve out your creativity. Highly accurate for precise engraving and easily sees the details at 0.05 millimetre accuracy.  Easily create custom designs patterns or text and engrave in minutes. Engraves on any surface. simply sketch out your idea and leave the rest to DAJA. In addition to engraving DAJA also cut material. Why not piece together a world map.  Th

The Good Plastic Table - Foldable, Transformable and Multipurpose Desk

Good Plastic Table from Good Plastic Things. Good Plastic Things mission to contribute to solving the problem of the 400 million tonnes of plastic waste that generated annually by developing products from 100 percent recycled and 100 percent recyclable plastic. 2020 presented Good Plastic Things a lot of challenges and many of us have to adept to new work from home reality. The team of Good plastic Things in London, Amsterdam and Kiev has faced the harsh reality of working from compact city center apartments. It has been a struggle to find a place to work without taking up space for our families to live. This is why Good plastic Things have invented the Good Plastic Table. Good Plastic Table is multipurpose, thought through and transformable. It provide space when you need it. It is unobtrusive, it is whiteboard and it is easy to clean. it is durable and compact. It serves as a shelf and easy to open. It is your work desk, it is comfortable, safe, ergonomic and spacious. It is clever,

Qbi - Magnetic Blocks And Cars

When you are looking for a fun and enriching activity for you child, Qbi delivers. Its exciting and lots of fun.The cars and magnetic track blocks make for a great family game. Unleash your creativity with Qbi. Its safe and easy to play with. You can play it on your own or have fun with your friends and family. Qbi is hours of entertainment.  Each cube has 6 different kinds of tracks one on each side and 10 different colors. You can build your own race track and enjoy over 100 ways to play in an easy to assemble set. The only limitation is your imagination. Qbi is designed for kids age 2 and above. Just pull the car back and let go.  Kids can choose their favorite fruits and deliver to the supermarket or they can push the car to let it race down the track. It can even conquer different types of terrain. You will definitely love it. Your kids will love it even more. Enjoy hours of imaginative playtime and make Qbi part of your family. Qbi is the race track that grows with your kids.

MOFT Float - The Only Floating Case For iPad Pro

This is an invisible stand case it makes your iPad Pro float in the air bringing you a whole new experience while using the iPad Pro. It is called as MOFT Float. The design inherits the philosophy of Float. Stand it up easily whenever needed and then fold it back quickly when you don't . MOFT Float is made it with a truly floating design by the hinge structure to offer adjustable height. It's highest height you can get among all portable standard case. It also allows for unlimited viewing angles up to 130 degrees. MOFT Float is flexible , lightweight and slim.  With MOFT Float you won't bend your neck down for hours. work comfortably at all times. Three functional modes like Floating Mode, Stable Mode and Portrait Mode make sure that MOFT Float fits all your needs and different styles at every step of the way.  In Floating Mode it allows you to display your iPad at eye level for zoom meeting or double screen working and watching netflix.  You'll never know how good it w