Methods Of Teaching Reading

Methods Of Teaching Reading

There are different methods of teaching reading. The following are some important methods

Alphabetic Method (or) ABC method (or) Spelling method 

  • This method is of Greek and Roman in origin.
  • Students first learn the names of the letters of Alphabet
  • The progression of Reading in this method is Letters-> Words->Phrases->Sentences
  • Unit of reading is letter


  • It is a dull method
  • It is too mechanical
  • Eye span cannot be improved
  • It is slow, lengthy and tedious
Phonic Method

  • In this method the emphasis is on learning the sounds of the letters because words are produced/ articulated not by letters but by sounds. This theory was envisaged by Psycho linguists like Huey, Edmund Burke, Anderson and Deborn.
  • Unit of reading is sound of the letter


  • It confuses the pupils because many words have same sound but different spellings (Homophones)

E.g. 1) Buy Bye
2) Weather Whether

  • No chance for the expansion of eye span in this method
  • It delays the process of reading

Word Method
  • Look and say method/ See and Say method/Flash card method are the other names for this method. 
  • Comenius (1657) introduced this method. 
  • Words are presented along with pictures.
  • Unit of reading is a word. According to some scholars, the unit of reading may be a word/a phrase or a sentence.
  • All words cannot be taught by pictures.
  • Since the child is required to remember the symbols of many words, strains his memory.
Phrase Method
  • Harold Palmer the strong advocator of this method. According to him the words are too.
  • Small and the sentence is too long to read. Hence he suggested the phrase method.
  • It believes phrases are more interesting than words which convey meaning
  • The teacher presents a list of phrases.
  • The unit of reading in this method is a phrase.
  • It has all the limitations of word method.


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