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Smart Mattress That Tracks Your Sleep - Matrix Sleep

Matrix Sleep Smart Mattress

This mattress can completely track your sleep. The Matrix Sleep mattress measures your heart rate variability, AKA the inconsistencies of your heartbeat.It's embedded with state of the art medical sensors that monitor your breathing, movement, stress levels, and sleep cycles.

Matrix Sleep Smart Mattress

Your heart's data points are turned into information about your health. Letting you know how you can improve aspects of your daily life such as lowering stress, eating healthy, and getting quality sleep. The mattress itself is also incredibly comfortable.

Matrix Sleep Smart Mattress

It's made with a ply-tech foam layer and cooling performance fabric which helps reduce joint pain and promotes healthy circulation. It's built-in smart alarm wakes you up during your lightest sleep phase. So you wake up more refreshed and clear headed. And each morning, the data is sent directly to the app for you to read. To start sleeping smarter, look for Matrix Sleep on Indiegogo.


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