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Artificial Voice Box Inserter

Artificial Voice Box Inserter

What happens when a toy maker and an oncologist come together? They help throat cancer survivors speak again! 25% of cancer patients in India suffer from oral and throat cancer. The Artificial Voice Box Inserter comes to their rescue!

Artificial Voice Box Inserter

Conceptualised by Dr. Vishal Rao a Bangalore based oncologist and made by a toy maker Kaushar Pasha from Channapatta! It is used to insert an artificial voice box in the patient's throat who lose their voice box in throat cancer surgery. On seeing the silicon voice box, Mr Pasha created a prototype in just a few hours. he uses vegetables dye which s safer.

Cost of voice box replacement was Rs 20,000. And with this prototype cost of voice box replacement is now just Rs 50. Truly! Wonders can happen out of unlikely collaborations!


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