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Voice Activated Fridge Ku

Voice Activated Fridge Ku

This fridge brings your food to you! Panasonic is experimenting with a self driving fridge. The concept is named Ku. How can a fridge move on its own? It uses LIDAR and depth sensors to map your home. LIDAR is the same tech used with Google's self driving car.

It can also avoid unexpected obstacles like kids or pets. The fridge is voice activated and you can just call it by saying "Hi Ku, come to the dining table." When you're done Ku goes back to its cubby. Panasonic says it could be useful for people with disabilities, but can also benefit lazy people. For now, it's just a prototype but Panasonic says it could be available in 5-6 years.

Voice Activated Fridge Ku

Panasonic showed the futuristic fridge at the IFA conference in Berlin, On its 'Better Living Tomorrow; stand. The simple white fridge responds to voice commands, such as 'come to the living room', or go to the kitchen table.'

The device is linked to a database that provide details about every bottle of in your Panasonic fridge. A spokesperson for Panasonic told: The fridge can see things up to 15 centimeters (6 inches)ahead of it. 


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