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Apple TV 4K Review

Apple TV 4K Review

The Apple TV 4K is here but it might not be everything customers were hoping for. Apple does a lot of really smart things with its interface. Its TV App aggregates a bunch of different sources and single sign on saves your time (If your cable provider supports it).

Apple TV 4K Review

Apple also upgrades a lot of iTunes content to 4K HDR. That's good news it you already have a big iTunes library. It'll all upgrade for free but the Apple TV misses in some big ways. It doesn't support 4K or HDR on Youtube and it doesn't support modern surround sound formats like Dolby ATMOS or DTS:X.

Apple TV 4K

Some upscaled 1080P content looks overly sharp and noisy, which isn't fantastic for a $179 TV streaming box. Especially since a lot of these features are built into smart TVs (The $249 Xbox One S also supports 4K HDR). The Apple TV 4K is great if you already own a ton of iTunes movies. Otherwise, there are plenty of great 4K set top boxes out there to pick from.


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