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India's Shoulder Blade Puller - Abhishek Choubey

India's Shoulder Blade Puller Abhishek Choubey

Meet a man who can tow your car with his shoulders! Abhishek Choubey from M.P is India's Shoulder Blade Puller. This 19 year old known for his protruding shoulder blades! Using his shoulder blades, he can lift and pull heavy objects.

Shoulder Blade Puller Abhishek Choubey

He currently holds the world record for pulling a 1070 kg vehicle. He started pulling tables and chairs to test his strength, when he was young. Realising his potential, his father made him a wooden block with hooks. At 12 years of age, he pulled his first car weighing 800 kgs.

Now, he is able to pull cars weighing 2000 kgs. To achieve this, he maintains a strict regimen minimum fat for maximum power. He recently attempted to break another record held by Feng Yixi. Abhishek lifted and held 55 kg weights for 8 seconds!


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