11 Facts About Africa

11 Facts About Africa

1. The African population is 1.1 billion and it will double by 2050.

2. The population explosion is down to fertility rates: 88% higher than the world average.

3. 40% live in cities, but this will increase to 58% by 2050.

4. Africa has 3 megacities over 10 million people and they are Cairo, Lagos and Kinshasa.

5. 71% of Africans support democracy and 68% approve of women leaders.

6. tech start ups across Africa raised $129m in investor funding in 2016.

7. 93% have mobile phones. They are a lifeline for people and businesses. Yet only 65% have access to electricity and only 63% can access tap water.

8. Only 1 in 3 have sewage systems and only half of Africans benefit from paved roads.

9. There are big contrasts: In Egypt everyone has access to tap water, but in Liberia the number is just 1 in 4.

10. In sub-Saharan Africa 2 in 3 people lack access to electricity. 233 million people in sub-Saharan Africa were undernourished between 2014-16.

11. The literacy rate in Africa is 37%.


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