Top 10 Most Desirable Countries In Europe

Most Desirable Countries In Europe

Why are these countries the most desirable in Europe. The Boston Consulting Group ranked each European country on a well being scale. Here are the top ten scoring nations.

10. Luxembourg (Score: 87.4) - It has one of the highest average household incomes in Europe.

9. Sweden (Score:89.6) - The quality of the environment is what makes Swedes most happy.

8. Belgium (Score: 90.0) - Belgians have a good work life balance which adds to their sense of well being.

7. Iceland (Score: 90.4) - Friendships and social connections keep Icelanders happy.

6. Switzerland (Score: 91.1) - The availability of highly paid jobs helps make them happy.

5. Austria (Score: 92.7) - Austrians have a high subjective sense of well being. They just feel good about themselves.

4. Germany (Score: 93.6) - Germans value education and skills above all other measures of well being.

3. Finland (Score: 94.9) - Finns feel safe in their country and they too value education and skills very highly.

2. Netherlands (Score: 95.0) - The Dutch are not so happy about the environment but their work life balance keeps them feeling content.

1. Norway (Score: 100.0) - A pristine environment along with very well paid jobs keep the Norwegians happier than other nationalities in Europe.

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