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Night Of Terror In Germany

Night Of Terror In Germany

1938 November 9 - Jewish community in Germany endured a night of terror when Nazi went on the rampage, attacking Jewish businesses, synagogues and property. 36 people were killed during the night, and 20,000 arrested, more than 7,000 shops were looted and 267 synagogues burnt down. Dr Goebbels, Minister of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda, claimed that the violence was a "spontaneous reaction" to the assassination in Paris of Ernst von Rath, a German diplomat, by a young Polish Jew. There is no doubt, however, that the pogrom was carried out on the instructions of the Gestapo. A chilling development was the involvement of the "respectable" middle classes; fashionable women clapped as Jews were beaten by youths wielding lead piping. So the insurance companies are not bankrupted by state hooliganism, the Nazis have declared their intention to confiscate insurance payouts and return them to the insurers. The huge amount of glass broken has led to the night being dubbed "Kristallnacht"; replacement glass will have to be imported and paid for in foreign currency. "They should have killed more Jews and broken less glass," grumbled Hermann Goering.


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