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Futuristic Helmet Or An Airbag For Your Head

Futuristic Helmet Or An Airbag For Your Head

An airbag helmet known as 'Hovding' has been developed in US to help prevent head injuries during accidents. The helmet is made from simple fabric with sensors withing and needs to be worn around the neck. Developed by a team at Stanford, the helmet sits around user's neck like a scarf. It opens up immediately on detecting any kind of collision, covering the user's entire head, saving it from impact. The product is presently available in Europe.

Protection for heads and hairstyles
  1. It studies record movement of cyclists during crash scenarios and normal riding conditions.
  2. If accident occurs, gyro sensors in collar recognise crash movement.
  3. Airbag is deployed
  4. Airbag stays inflated for several seconds in case of secondary impact and then deflates


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