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Palestinian Graduates Take To Fruit Picking

Palestinian Graduates Take To Fruit Picking

University graduates in the Gaza strip are finding summer work on farms. Many say they're reliant on this seasonal work because of high unemployment and a lack of job opportunities. Raed Shamlakh a University graduate says that "My situation is the same as that of any other graduate. There is no work. One graduates and studies and learns and spends money only to find no work. So we use this opportunity during this season to make some money. Gaza has one of the highest rates of unemployment worldwide and the United nations estimates 80% of the population is aid dependent. The economic conditions in the area are dire mainly due to a devastating war in 2014 and a blockade imposed by Egypt and Israel. Graduates say the work offers some independence from their parents although they have to rely on their families for financial help for the rest of the year. 


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