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9 Things To Know About Left Handed People

Left Handed People

9 Things To Know About Left Handed People

  1. 15% of the world's population are left handed.
  2. There are twice as many left handed men as there are left handed women
  3. Many left handed people have great musical abilities and perfect hearing.
  4. If both parents are left handed, there's a 50% chance their children will be.
  5. Female cats are usually right handed, whilst male cats are left handed.
  6. The left handed dislike wire bound notebooks even more than right handed people.
  7. Left handed people cope better with irritation, so they're better at playing video games.
  8. 40% of gold medals in boxing have been won by left handed.
  9. 4 out of 5 developers of the Macbook were left handed.


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