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Human Body After Death

Human Body After Death

Let us learn what happens to human body after death.

  1. Brain activity surges then it stops.
  2. Your body temperature drops about 1.6°F per hour until you reach room temperature.
  3. Your cells begin dying due to a lack of oxygen, then star to break down and leak beginning the process of Putrefaction.
  4. Calcium builds up in the muscles, causing them to tense. This "Rigor Mortis" lasts roughly 36 hours.
  5. Eventually your Muscles relax, causing you to release any remaining feces or urine. 
  6. Your Skin Shrinks as it dries out, making your hair and nails seem like they're growing.
  7. Gravity pulls your blood down, making light skin look pale with Reddish Splotches
  8. You turn green in spots because Enzymes in your Organs start digesting themselves, usually with the help of bacteria.
  9. You start to smell terrible because your decaying body releases chemicals like Putrescine/Cadaverine.
  10. Bugs eat you Maggots can digest 60% of a body within a week.
  11. You turn purple then black as bacteria continue to digest your body.
  12. Your hair starts to fall out.
  13. If your body is left at 50°F, it will take about four months for your soft tissues to decompose until just your Skeleton is all that is left.


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