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5 Largest And Smallest Vertebrates

Mammalia Largest Smallest

1. Mammalia

Largest - Blue Whale
Weight - up to 200 tons

Smallest - Possibly the bumblebee bat
Weight - less than a dime

Aves Largest Smallest

2. Aves

Largest - Ostrich
Sprint Speed - 40 miles an hour

Smallest - Bee Hummingbird
Wing Flapping Speed - 200 times a second

Reptilia Largest Smallest

3. Reptilia

Largest  - Saltwater Crocodile
Length - more than 20 feet

Smallest - Dwarf Geckos
Length - as small as a fingernail

Amphibia Largest Smallest

4. Amphibia

Largest  - Chinese Giant Salamander
Size - Length of an adult human

Smallest  - Paedophryne Amauensis
 Size - A housefly (this frog might be smallest of all vertebrates)

Fish Largest Smallest

5. Fish

Largest  - Whale Shark
Length - Longer than a semitrailer

Smallest  - Stout Infantfish
Length - The width of a pencil


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