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Salt Effect On Liver

Salt Effect On Liver

A study by researchers in China has found that too much salt intake may cause liver damage.
  • A high salt diet damages liver in adults and developing embryos. 
  • Results in oddly shaped cells. 
  • An increase in cell death
  • Decrease in cell proliferation, which can contribute to the development of fibrosis
  • Researchers found that treating damaged cells with vitamin C appeared to partially counter the ill effects of excess salt
Uses Of Salt
  • Our bodies need a small amount of salt, one teaspoon per day for a healthy adult.
  • Sodium ions from the savory mineral help regulate water movement within the body and conduct nerve impulses.
The Study
  •  Xuesong yang from Jinan University in China and colleagues wanted to explore the potential effect at a cellular level.
  • The researchers gave adult mice a high salt diet and exposed chick embryos to a briny environment
  • Some research indicates that in addition to high blood pressure, over consumption of sodium can damage the liver.


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