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Dynamite Movie Story In Short

Dynamite Movie Story In Short

Directed by - Deva Katta
Produced by - Manchu Vishnu
Written by - Anand Shankar
Starring - Manchu Vishnu, Pranitha Subhash, J. D. Chakravarthy
Music by Achu Rajamani

Story In Short
Shivaji (Vishnu) and Anamika (Praneetha) meet by accident and on the night of their first date Anamika gets kidnapped and Shivaji is left clueless. When Shivaji goes to Anamika's home to find out some details about he comes to know that she is in a big problem due to some memory card that carries deadly secrets about a powerful man. How does Shivaji rescue Anamika from the baddies.


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