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Football Players Who Scored More Than Six Goals In International Match

Archie Thompson is the first football player to score more than 10 goals in international match and it was a world record in the international matches. He has scored 13 goals against American Samoa in Australia during the 2002 FIFA World Cup qualification.

Here are the list of players with most goals in international match.

Archie Thompson 13 Goals

1. Archie Thompson - Archie Thompson is an Australian football player who plays for Melbourne Victory and he the only player who made world record by scoring 13 goals against American Samoa

  • 13 Goals - Australia Vs American Samoa - 2001
Sophus Nielsen 10 Goals

2. Sophus Nielsen - Sophus Nielsen Danish football player and manager, and he is the first player in history to score ten goals against France A in a full national team match.
  • 10 Goals - Denmark Vs France A - 1908
Gottfried Fuchs 10 Goals

3. Gottfried Fuchs - Gottfried Fuchs is a German footballer. he has scored 10 goals against Russia in 1912 Olympics, becoming the top scorer of the tournament.
  • 10 Goals - Germany Vs Russia - 1 July 1912
David Zdrilic 8 Goals

4. David Zdrilic - David Zdrilic is a Croatian Australian football player. He scored 8 goals against American Samoa in 2001 FIFA World Cup qualification.
  • 8 Goals -  Australia Vs - American Samoa - 11 April 2001
Luis Roberto Alves 7 Goals

5. Luis Roberto Alves - Luis Roberto Alves is a former Mexican footballer. He scored 7 goals against Martinique in 1993 CONCACAF Gold Cup
  • 7 Goals - Mexico Vs - Martinique - 11 July 1993

6. María Paz Vilas - María Paz Vilas is a Spanish football player. She scored 7 goals against Kazakhstan in 2012
  • 7 Goals - Spain Vs Kazakhstan - 5 April 2012


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